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Leather picnic baskets / trunks

Leather picnic trunks and baskets: a blend of luxury and refinement

A blend of luxury, tradition and refinement, this range of leather picnic trunks and baskets is perfect for a country-style meal. It's sure to please fans of classic cars, coupes and convertibles, as well as lovers of authentic, top-of-the-range objects.

Picnics are timeless, but these days the trend is for chic, luxurious picnics: beautiful tablecloths, beautiful cutlery, beautiful crockery... But the most important part of any picnic is the picnic basket! That's why Les Jardins de la Comtesse offers you traditional, hard-wearing, chic and luxurious baskets. Using quality materials such as real leather and woven wicker, our baskets are functional and elegant. The leather baskets combine authenticity and modernity, and will allow you to have chic French-style picnics. Ideal for spending an unforgettable moment with your partner, family or friends, our leather baskets are sure to get noticed. These complete trunks will keep everything within easy reach.

Our leather baskets come in three models:

- The Champs-Elysées trunk: Available for two, four or six people, this luxurious honey-coloured basket is ideal for a vintage picnic! Available in blue and green, this basket will delight fans of upmarket objects.

- The Saint-Honoré picnic basket: With its lid that transforms into a table, this basket will surprise you! It's functional and can be adapted to any situation, from the beach to the mountains or even the countryside. For two, four or six people, this model is available in blue and green.

- The Trianon picnic basket. This chic, understated basket will blend in perfectly with a traditional setting. Ideal for sharing a picnic with friends, family or just the two of you.