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Colourful salad bowls and cutlery!

This range of melamine salad bowls and cutlery will bring out the best in your dishes and salads. Both colourful and original, their designs will brighten up your indoor or outdoor tables. Placed in the centre of your table, these salad bowls and their matching cutlery will add a cheerful touch to your meals! To satisfy everyone's tastes, this range of tableware is available in different themes, each as elegant as the next: Rio Toucans, Jungle, Exotic Flowers, Lisbon...

A range of large salad bowls and salad servers with colourful, original designs

Easily create a table setting with a large salad bowl and designer salad servers in melamine. Deep salad bowl, large salad bowl, salad servers, discover all our Les Jardins de la Comtesse salad servers.

Deep salad bowl and large salad bowl

Choose a salad bowl that will enhance all types of dishes! Pasta, large salads, punch... The colourful and original designs of these large salad bowls will brighten up your tables! Grab your guests' attention with these large designer bowls that will bring charm and colour to your table. The design motifs can be printed both indoors and outdoors! For your salads, or as a punch bowl or other cocktail bowl, they'll sit perfectly in the middle of your table setting.
Two types of salad bowl are available: a large bowl with a capacity of 4L and a deeper bowl with a capacity of 3L. Both are made from melamine, a shock-resistant, dishwasher-safe material.

Salad servers

To complete your salad service, opt for the salad cutlery in the same theme! Perfect for serving your green or mixed salads, they'll look great on any table. This salad cutlery is perfect for outdoor meals on your garden tables.