• A soft, warm plaid

    It's cold out and you need to curl up in a plaid that's as soft as it is warm? Choose our collection of comfortable plaids in cashmere and Nepalese wool.

    These soft, thick plaids are sure to warm you up!

  • A plaid stole

    No longer choose between warmth and elegance, take both, with our collection of lightweight plaids in cashmere and Nepalese wool!

    Wrapped around the neck or worn as a poncho, a lightweight plaid is the perfect way to keep out the chill!

  • Decorative plaid

    Accessorize your interiors with a reversible plaid that will add charm to your furniture: sofa, bed, armchair... with our collection of reversible plaids in cashmere and wool from Nepal, as well as our collection of plaids in virgin wool from Portugal to embellish your decor.

  • Outdoor plaid

    Are you a fan of outdoor pursuits or dining under the stars? Warmth and practicality are the hallmarks of this collection of plaids specially designed for outdoor use.

Cashmere and wool plaids from Nepal

If you're looking for an extremely soft throw, cashmere plaids are the way to go. These plaids are made from cashmere, an ultra-soft material of unrivalled quality. These top-of-the-range cashmere plaids have been manufactured in a factory perched on the roof of the world in the Himalayas, where the goats that give this cashmere such softness and warmth are raised.

These magnificent plaids will sublimate your interior if you use them as bed or sofa throws.

Once on your shoulders, you'll be immersed in their softness. Their warmth means you can wear them outside on cool summer nights.

Cashmere is a very fragile material, so we recommend dry-cleaning, hand-washing or machine-washing in water never exceeding 30 degrees.