• Hiking departure

    The best accessory for enjoying a picnic lunch on a hike, while being well equipped without taking up too much space, is the backpack with its removable picnic set.

    This lightweight bag, with its multiple pockets, is the ideal item for this type of outing. Fully equipped with crockery and cutlery, this bag is as comfortable as it is practical!

  • Walking, cycling, driving

    All your picnic lunches will be a perfect success with your natural wicker picnic basket.

    Fully equipped, this picnic trunk will make your outdoor meals a moment of conviviality and sharing.

    Whether you're a duo or a tribe, find the picnic basket that's right for you. From the simplest to the most original, there's something for everyone!

  • Market outing

    Need a basket to store your groceries? Choose a large wicker basket with an isothermal compartment to keep your food cool.

    Our baskets with folding handles are perfect for this type of outing.

    The timeless wicker basket has already proved its worth, and will never cease to amaze us with its sturdiness and old-fashioned charm!

  • 2-person baskets for whom?

    Lovers, Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, retirement gifts...

    All 2-person baskets 
  • 4-person baskets for whom?

    Families with children and/or friends who want to share a memorable moment.

    All 4-person baskets 
  • 6-person baskets for whom?

    For fans of large, convivial picnics or for XXL tribes

    All 6-person baskets 
  • Leather straps

    Traditionally, picnic baskets are made from natural wicker and genuine leather. We've recreated this authenticity with our leather range. Unparalleled quality and elegance make these baskets prestigious accessories.

    The leather range is perfect for classic car enthusiasts and collectors. Surprise and delight your loved ones with these baskets of excellence.

  • Sangles en simili cuir

    Made from hand-woven natural wicker, these imitation leather baskets are more affordable without compromising quality or durability.

    With this material, it's possible to dye the straps in different colors (black, beige, gray, brown, red...) to satisfy the many tastes of our customers.

    With these baskets, simply indulge yourself!

  • Sangles en coton

    Choosing baskets with cotton straps means choosing a modern basket.

    Revisiting traditional leather straps to design a new vision of the picnic basket is what the brand wanted to achieve.

    These comfortable, adjustable straps will enhance the design of picnic baskets.

    A basket for every style!

  • Jute canvas

    Heavy-duty fabric

  • Linen

    Natural fabric

  • Cotton

    Soft-touch fabric

  • Coated canvas

    Easily washable fabric

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The picnic, a not-to-be-missed event

Outdoor lunches are warm and inviting meals that bring friends, family and neighbors together for a simple, convivial meal.

Enjoy the simple fact of being together and share this moment of intimacy garnished with sweets and delicacies of all kinds.

Take advantage of an outdoor meal to escape the daily grind and discover or rediscover the little corners of paradise hidden not far from home.

"Life's longing is nourished by meals with friends" Remember to make time for your loved ones!

With Les Jardins de la Comtesse, make the most of this authentic moment with our picnic baskets, sold fully equipped and with a small bag for storing dirty dishes after use. Our ambition is to make your outing easier and more enjoyable.